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Re: U.S. Second Amendment: post-Heller

Originally Posted by purplehawk View Post
Oy! It would be a whole lot easier to protect ourselves if there weren't so damned many guns in circulation, eh?
Herein lies the conundrum for a lot of people
-if there were no guns in circulation, by definition, there would be no gun crime; however:
-in order to protect oneself from a real or perceived threat of someone else with a gun, one may want to have a gun themselves.

IE: People need guns because other people have guns. Yet, as a society, we'd be safer with less guns, but people would feel less secure.

Myself, as I've noted before, I favor the banning of a few weapons that have no use in target or sport shooting or in basic home defense. The weapons I have in mind were designed for war purposes and while I admit it might be cool to own one, I don't think that it's really necessary for the protection / hunting / target shooting. I don't want to take away any (non-felon or legally insane) person's right to own the latter types of weapons. And I don't see it as violating the literal text of the second amendment to ban the weapons I have in mind, since I'd still allow many, many types.

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