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Re: U.S. Second Amendment: post-Heller

Originally Posted by FlamingRed View Post
This is the error in your thinking -- you think it's weird, therefore the freedom should be restricted. What about people who think homosexuality is weird? Should that be illegal? There ARE people who enjoy the machinery of a gun and the history of weaponry, and there is nothing wrong with this interest. Again, just because you think it's weird doesn't make it wrong.
I don't buy your logic. Sorry, I just can't.

Think about Iran and the frenzy some on the right have about that country developing a nuclear weapon. It seems pretty duplicitous, to me, to fiercely clamor for bombs to drop on a foreign nation while the citizenry of the United States is being encouraged to engage in an arms race.

I was trying to be nice when I used the word "weird." Guns kill people. Drugs kill people, too, but they at least are monitored and regulated. I think gunowners should also be under some form of accountability. There are certainly enough dead victims to warrant greater control over the things.


"A great democracy does not make it harder to vote than to buy an assault weapon."

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