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Re: A Game of Thrones

One hundred per cent agree "it's the telling of the story that matters", and therefore the language, the ability of the storyteller to keep you with them, to want to follow the characters, to want to know what happens next.

If the story is well written, well crafted, it will take you along. Harry Potter, books and films, for me, apart from a few hiccups, achieved just that. Lord of the Rings - a more substantial work, and therefore there were more substantial hiccups - but it worked. We cared for the characters, book and film. We wanted to see the story through. We wanted a good beginning, complex middle, and satisfying conclusion.

For me, the George R R Martin saga started well, with all the prospect of a good yarn, well told.

But. Too long, too complicated, too bloody, too nasty.
I needed a character to care about.

I gave up long ago.

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