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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.3


I have to agree with you, now that I think it over, that Severus is not an "anti-hero." The way his character is written, because he spends so much time that we don't know about, until much later, hovering in the background, it's hard to pin down just what he is. He is one of the "heroes" of the book, but, you're right. He's not the hero.

He's like a chameleon, changing into whatever he has to be at a certain time in the story, but, never showing his true self until TPT. JKR did a good job of disguising him and, even though many of us thought he was a good guy, there were times when she could have written him either way.

I don't think we can put a label on his character. Maybe it will creat a whole new category of characters just called a "Snape." -- a character who is never what he seems to be.

SIP, I'm with you when it comes to interviews with JKR. I think there are so many that were done at times when she was trying to keep the upcoming books, especially DH, a secret that it became difficult for her not to be misleading in some of her statements. Has she said much about Severus' character since everthing came out or is she still holding back until the last film is released?


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