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Re: Feminism: Definitions and Misconceptions

1.How would you define feminism?
As the movement of people who believe men and women are equal and want them to be treated as such.
2.Do you define yourself as a feminist? If so, why? If not, why not?
Yes, I do, but if I give my reasons, I may get carpel tunnel.
3.What positive things (if any) do you think the feminist movement has achieved?
Many--the vote, of course, and it has raised a lot of awareness about discrimination in countries all over the world.
4.What (if anything) do you think the feminist movement should be working to achieve now?
To legalize abortion worldwide, fight for women's rights in poorer countries, end bride-burning, stop rape (banned topic so I won't go into it) and loads of things that are practically impossible but that shouldn't matter at all.
4.What methods do you think should be used to achieve those goals?
No idea. I'm still new to this. But I do think it's important--even essential--to get men involved in the efforts.
5.What negative effects (if any) do you think the feminist movement has had?
It's made men and women resent each other quite a lot...but hey, they sort of did anyway.
6.Have you had any negative experiences of feminists in RL?
7. Do you feel there are any common misconceptions about feminism and what would you say to someone who holds these misconceptions?
I've said enough on my thread. At least for now, anyway.
Originally Posted by Midnightsfire View Post
3. What positive things (if any) do you think the feminist movement has achieved?
From a purely objective view, I'd say very little.
.....The vote?


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