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Re: Feminism: Definitions and Misconceptions

What positive things (if any) do you think the feminist movement has achieved?

Quite a lot but the latest was introducing paternity leave and I think that's a good step towards making sure women and men get paid the same for doing the same job. Employers no longer have the excuse of having to pay a woman less because she stays home with her children. Now men are doing the same.

What (if anything) do you think the feminist movement should be working to achieve now? What methods do you think should be used to achieve those goals?

Getting rid of gender stereotypes and enlighting people as to what the differences between sexes really entail. Sorry guys, but having more testosteron doesn't mean you can't do the dishes.

Do you feel there are any common misconceptions about feminism and what would you say to someone who holds these misconceptions?

Most misconceptions stem from ignorance so getting knowledge about what feminism really is and what feminists do would be a step towards understanding it properly.
Also, I was thinking in regards to our discussion as to why can't feminism simply be called Human Rights. I see Human Rights as being a political thing. Everyone should have the same rights because we are a democratic society and we need to be politically correct. However, there is a difference I believe, between thinking all people should enjoy the same rights and that all people are equally worth. The latter is a very personal belief, the former is being politically correct. Feminism takes care of the dignity of women, it makes them feel empowered and really equal to men. It makes them feel as though they can do whatever men can do and that their perspective on the world is equally valid and valuable. I don't think Human Rights alone could achieve this. It's the same for homosexuals. We give them equal rights and fight discrimination but they need to feel accepted and valued, not just tolerated. This is why I believe Human Rights isn't enough. This is also why some people have such a problem with feminism even though they support equal rights. They believe women should enjoy the same rights but object to anything which makes women believe they are equal to men.

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