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Re: Feminism: Definitions and Misconceptions

1. How would you define feminism?
I would describe feminism as the philosophy that every person should be treated with respect and dignity, without respect to sex. So feminism is anti-sexism. In the real world, that translates into uplifting women because sexism, as it currently operates, more often than not puts women at a disadvantage.

2. Do you define yourself as a feminist? If so, why? If not, why not?
I do define myself as a feminist because I am am against sexism and want to do what I can to destroy it.

3. What positive things (if any) do you think the feminist movement has achieved?
Feminist movements (plural) have brought maby positives to the world. A general thing it has brought is the belief that women are the intellectual equals of men (even if everyone doesn't believe this). It has helped women stand up for themselves, given women the right to vote (and consequently, the right to be involved in the political world and have a say in what laws are passed and how laws affect people).

4. What (if anything) do you think the feminist movement should be working to achieve now?
Everything. There is no specific things feminist movements should be working to to achieve because there is enough time and energy to fight for many feminist causes. But, if I had to name something very broad, I would say teaching people that women are the owners of their own bodies is very important. Many of the problems I see in the world come from refusal to acknowledge this very fact.

What methods do you think should be used to achieve those goals?
Education. People should learn this stuff in school, at community centers, even on forums like these. Humility would also help, but I don't know how to teach that.

5. What negative effects (if any) do you think the feminist movement has had?
None, honestly. I can't think of anything negative that's been brought by feminism. I do think, however, that feminism is often used as a scapegoat for many of the world's problems, especially concerning relationships and economy.

6. Have you had any negative experiences of feminists in RL?

7. Do you feel there are any common misconceptions about feminism and what would you say to someone who holds these misconceptions?
A common misconception is that feminists want to be men or are somehow ashamed of being women. Another one is that every feminist must feel the same way about every issue. I would tell people who think this to use common sense. A feminist doesn't want to be a man anymore than gay rights advocate wants to be straight or an antiracist of color wants to be white. All people want is equality and to be treated with dignity. And there are people in every philosophy who disagree; that doesn't mean our core beliefs aren't the same.

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