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Re: ABC Family's Version Of HP and the SS

I watched the 'Harry Potter Weekend' thing that ABC Family was doing.. I ended up watching Sorcerer's Stone Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Haha. It was amazing, though. Does anyone know when they'll be adding Order of the Phoenix to their Harry Potter lineup?

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In case you didn't know this Tuesday the "Ultimate Cuts" are being released on DVD/blu-ray and they contain these extended cuts plus loads of extras (for both films 1 and 2).
I saw the commercials for those, they'd play them after they played some sort of footage of interviews with Emma, Rupert, Dan, or Chris Colombus. I'm waiting for the rest of the films to come out to just buy them as a bundle pack or something, but I also noticed at the bottom of the screen it said "years 3-7 coming soon". It made me realize (again) that these movies are going to be done before we know it! Gah, it makes me depressed


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