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Re: Finnish / Suomi

Hi! I hope this is the right place to post this, and that this forum has any Finns (or others) who can answer my questions. You see, I read a cartoon in an old Norwegian Donald Duck comic, written and drawn by the awesome Don Rosa. His cartoons are often based on facts or legends from the real world, and this time it was The Quest for Kalevala. Then, I found a few words and names I was curious about, so:

- What does Tuoni mean?

- What is Sampo?

- I've heard about Kalevala before, I know that Tolkien got a few ideas for Silmarillion from the Kalevala poem, and I'm interested in reading it. Do you know if it exists any translations (preferably in Norwegian, but English is okay too) of Kalevala?

- Who is Iku-Turso?

Tuoni and Iku-Turso might be invented, I have no idea because I haven't read the whole cartoon, only the middle bit. ("To be continued in the next issue" Unfortunately, I didn't have the issue with the first or the last part of the story. )Also, if you know anywhere I could read the whole cartoon on the internet, I would be very, very greateful.


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