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Re: How long have you been a fan of Harry Potter?

For me, there have been different "fan" stages:

Stage 1: I enjoyed reading the first couple of books when they came out and thought they were entertaining but could take or leave them (didn't hold a candle to LotR for me - actually, still doesn't, tbh). That stage started in 1998 or so.

Stage 2: I got really annoyed with the writing when reading PoA a couple of years later, my least favourite HP book. However, I got firmly on Snape's side with PoA, although I mainly kept reading to see how his story would play out in the story arc overall. At that stage I neither bothered with the films nor any other HP fan-related stuff (see my comments on LotR above, lol). This would make me roughly a stage 2 follower at book level for 12-13 years or so. I don't quite recall when started watching the HP movies, but it was not before 2009.

Stage 3: DH was a major let-down as far as I was concerned. There is relatively little I actually like about the series arc resolution; so, in my ideal world DH would have never been written - and to compensate, I found fan fiction, lol. So, in this final stage I have been a "Potterverse" fan in a rather loose sense of the word for roughly 5 years - with a preference for AU, tbh.

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