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Re: Afghanistan: its present and future

I agree. If this had been his first time, a dressing down and reprimand would have been in order...but since the first two have already been given, the proverbial foot has to be put down. look that the leader who is always threatening, but never actually does "it" (whatever that is). Understanding and mercy is degree, but after that, it at least appears like the misbehaving child who's parent always threatens, never actually does anything--then has the child lose respect for the parent.

The same thing can happen with the military--AND other world leaders who are watching. The military has long known that examples can also give motivation and reminders that they serve the civilian people, not the other way around. Discipline is the cornerstone of the armed forces and one of the things that makes American troops fearsome and respected around the world.

We all remember the "paper-tiger" talk from the middle east years ago. Sometimes it's good to see the tiger cleaning his teeth--then he doesn't have to fight so often.

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