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Re: Gay Marriage

Originally Posted by _mollywobbles_ View Post
Is anybody else following the election in Australia? Some mighty fine bigotry is going on...

Wendy Francis, the Senate candidate from the Family First Party in Queensland expressed some of her views on gay marriage on Twitter last week, some highlights for those that aren't following:

“Australia would never recover from legalising gay marriage. Those who advocate this are not thinking of the dramatic consequences.”

“Children in homosexual relationships are subject to emotional abuse. Legitimising gay marriages is like legalising child abuse."

“Gay marriage = kids with no mothers or no fathers, parent-less generation; uncontrollable depression & suicide. Is that the Aust we want?”

Of course, due to the responses generated these tweets have since been erased. Does anyone else find these statements as infuriatingly bigoted as I do? What would be the dramatic consequences of legalising gay marriage? Gays would get married?
I know plenty of children and adults who have gay parents, not one of them has suffered from emotional abuse or commited suicide, If anything they have grown into being well-rounded individuals who are more accepting of difference than most and they have nothing but love and respect for their parents.
Family First are a bit nutty, to put it lightly, IMO. It's not all that surprising she said this at all. The party in general is against homosexual marriage (and just about everything else that doesn't fit in with their religious adjenda. I'm not saying that to stir anyone up, they don't even pretend they're not a religious party).

The crazy doesn't stop there though. Minister Penny Wong (Water and Climate Change) is the first openly gay minister the Australian Commonwealth cabinet. She's also against gay marriage. I don't care if she's just going with the party line or not (she hasn't claimed this btw), that just baffles me.

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