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Re: The Improve Your English Thread v3.0

Originally Posted by confutatis View Post

Yes, our schools seem to have forgotten to teach students to spell, at least in the U.S. I have three children that went through the public school system, and things have really changed since I was in school. For one thing, teachers in the early grades are reluctant to correct spelling (except on spelling tests) as they feel it hinders the creativity of the student. From my observation in the college classes I teach, it doesn't get any better in the later grades, either! My students are surprised that I note and count off for spelling errors in their tests. As for the rules of English, many of us never actually learn them until we have to take a foreign language! I faked my way through English all the way through high school and college. If, like me, a student reads a lot, he or she will know how a sentence should be constructed without really knowing why.
I don't know how old you are and it's probably not important, but when I was in school (I graduated in 1962 in Michigan) we were taught spelling through 6th grade and grammar up through 9th grade (15 years old). Of course, you could be "marked down" for misspelling and grammar through all the high school years. I was an English Major in college but never saw any reinforcement of the "rules of grammar" (but I was only there for two years). That's why I love this thread, it focuses on my "old love". I could never stick to writing whole long passages, but I did like writing short pieces/anedotes/memories.

Grammar was important enough in high school that I used to proofread my older brother's essays/writing assignments before he turned them in; he tried to teach me math (a lost cause once I was past Algebra I), he received more out of the exchange of help than I did.

Sometimes phonetics aren't enough to get you the correct spelling, but it can "get you in the ball park" and the other person can usually understand. I have always been a good speller and I am not afraid to use the dictionary (but, of course, minimal spelling tools help there, too).

Text messaging has made the spelling problem worse, if possible; especially when it is used in these forums. I would hate to be a person trying to read this "English" as a non-primary language.

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