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Re: Comments on: Admission to Hogsmeade

Originally Posted by gertiekeddle View Post
One qualifying area is all fine, for particular if you're an mostly active member anyway.

The avatar rule was invented before I even became a member here, but I think it's indeed some extra privilege since Hogsmeade mostly just is a new area of the forums. Mostly... I think the chocolate pool actually is some nice place, too, which we don't have on the main board...
Chocolate pool?
Aha I was in the library yesterday and I came across some rare piece of magic. I think it's called, as I understand it, a chocolate. I thought perhaps you would have some? You're wondering why I am not asking the other Moderators? Well, they are not like you. They might misunderstand. An avatar is a useful thing by the way. It's pity I haven't one, but it's not a big deal I suppose. *looks disappointed, smiles* Here is your chocolate, madam Good night!


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