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Re: CoS Forums & MuggleNet Viewing Habbits

My habbit changed a lot in the last year. I was used to come to cos via the link on mugglenet, but now I hardly visit mugglenet, except looking for factoids there. (What depends on my lack of time - mugglenet is still a very good site, but I meet my friends here, so this has priority, when I'm in a hurry; I guess I will be there more often again when 7 will come).

I wonder, if you should ask, how long the people are here, too. It seems people tend to make the same like me after a couple of months, but be more addicted to mugglenet the first weeks. It would also be logical, if "nearly all" people who daily visit cos will make the poll, but not the people, who are still on mugglenet, but hardly on cos.

Oh - or do we find a poll there, too?
*goes to look (and confirms her results by not knowing what's on on mugglenet these days)
EDIT: Sure, it is.

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