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Re: Ultimate Film Collection Editions

Originally Posted by Sesquipedalian View Post
I still doubt that these extended editions will contain any "never-before-seen footage"; the back of the packaging only states that it includes "footage not shown in theatres", which could easily mean that Warner Bros inserted some of the deleted scenes from the two-disk edition into the finished film (note my use of the word "some": I am certain that there was more than thirteen minutes of deleted scenes on the second disk of the first Chamber of Secrets DVD).
Actually there are 13 minutes of deleted scenes on Chamber (someone on reinserted the deleted scenes of all the Potter films back into the film. Sorcerer's Stone was 7 minutes (like mentioned on the packaging of the UE) and Chamber was 13.

Here's a trailer for the Ultimate Editions from

Looks great! Can't wait to buy them.

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