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Re: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Originally Posted by Sereena View Post
Yup and the fandom exploded with racial hatred. Just check out some of the comments on the articles on Mugglenet--- or don't! It's a bit ironic that people are so, ahem, bigoted, considering the fact that the series's main message is tolerance and open mindedness. Makes you wonder why they even like Harry Potter in the first place.
I know right. The even sadder part is many of those who are all upset don't care when a clearly non-white character is made white for Tv or Film. One example Earthsea in the books the main character Ged is described as red-brown basically his appearance is Native American. His best friend was Black in the books. Yet both were made white in the TV-mini series.

Probably same people that were upset over Rue and Thresh being black in the movies. Despite in the books Rue is described as having dark brown skin. Now grant it having dark brown skin does not automatically equal Black/African. However the book was clear that they were not white and were a dark skinned people.

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