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Re: How you get your books...

Originally Posted by lilyrose View Post
Me too Except..some of the clerks in the bookstore I frequent are pretty nice and kinda used to me. However, I make sure I buy atleast a sheet of paper or a pencil when I that I dont feel guilty...
I do that.. The people in my bookstore are like "Oh, her again.. get out the cheap stuff she can buy when she's done loitering..."

Well..I refused to walk into a book store because the clerk there , when I asked him to show me where Pride and Prejudice was..went searching, came back and asked me "Whats the name again? "Pride & Practise?"
Terrible. It was like the day I went to pre order Beedle the Bard and the guy said " What? Another one?" even though there were signs all over the shop about it.

That infuriated me ( a staunch Austen devotee!!!)..and I walked out and made it my policy never to visit that place again..because how can someone working in a bookstore not know P&P ???!!!- arguably the greatest classic..I couldnt bear it atleast....
Yep. So I got it on Amazon instead, and got a better deal, plus I invested in the Special Edition.. Some things are worth it...



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