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Re: True Courage: A Peter Pettigrew Tale

alright, here it is, typed at ten thirty at night, chapter five!! enjoy!! and remember to post in the feedback thread!!!

Chapter Five

I peek slowly and cautiously around the corner, listening to the voices behind the door.
“That didn’t go over well with him, did it?”
“Stow it.”
“It would appear you’ve fallen out of favor, wouldn’t it, Bella?”
“I told you to shut up. If you need any persuading, Snape, just let me know.”
“Touchy, aren’t we?”
“I’m giving you ten seconds to clear off before I blow your head to tiny bits and feed the rest of you to a dragon.”
“If you insist.”
Snape glides around the door, looks around, and spots me.
“Wormtail. Still up to your old sneaking tricks, eh?”
“Wh-what happened at the Ministry?” I ask, stroking my silver hand. “No one seems to want to talk about it…”
“That’s because it was a disaster.” He says smoothly. “In essence, Potter and his friends smashed the prophecy and escaped, and all but Bella got arrested. Happy?”
I am about to answer when a pock-marked man shuffles up. “The Dark Lord wishes to see you both. Now.” He has a twitchy look, as if he’s just been Crucioed.
Snape nods, and the man stoops away again. Together we set off for the top room in the Riddle house, Snape ahead, me behind, fear starting to clutch at my heart in icy tendrils.
We are met by His snake, Nagini, who hisses at us and slithers as far from us as she can. Snape grimaces at her and pulls the door open.
The Dark Lord is standing before the fireplace, spider-like hands gripping the back of an armchair. Snape sinks gracefully into bow. I follow—less gracefully.
“Severus. Wormtail.” He greets us without turning. “I have an assignment for both of you.” He rotates around, red eyes reflecting the firelight. “I need you both—well, Severus—to go to Spinner’s End for a while. There is a rumor I need you to investigate—one concerning a very powerful magical object hidden in the ruins. I need you there, Wormtail, simply because Severus needs your…talent, as it were.”
I can see the objection in Snape’s eyes, but I know he’d never let Voldemort see it. What need would Snape need of my Animagus form?
“You’ll leave early next week. In a few days’ time, we are going to hold an Initiation Ceremony, and it is important that all of my Death Eaters be there…all of them.” He looks directly at me as he says this. I gulp.
“Wormtail, you may go. Severus, you stay here.” I take the dismissal sullenly and leave. I am tempted to listen at the door, but the Dark Lord would have put an Imperturbable Charm on the door (unlike Snape and Bellatrix). Instead, I content myself with going down to the Little Hangleton bar and thinking.

The days passed quickly. Today is the Initiation Ceremony of the new Death Eater—we are all abuzz about who it could be. We remember our Initiations well—each one was a special horror for each of us. Voldemort has called us down to the graveyard again, to the same site where Harry escaped last year. As if on instinct we form the circle we did last time, whispering and speculating. We fall silent when the Dark Lord steps into the middle of us.
“Draco Malfoy.” Voldemort calls quietly. A tall, pale young fellow steps from behind the grave of Voldemort’s father, a slight smirk playing about his lips. There is more murmuring before He waves his hand and silence falls again.
“Do you swear,” the Dark Lord begins, “To follow the Cause and serve me until your dying day?”
“I do.” Draco smiles a little. I know what he’s thinking—This is easy, way easier than He said it would be. Poor little fool.
“To prove your worth, there must be a test.” Voldemort smiles back. “Rookwood, bring forth the Chosen.”
The pockmarked man walks forward, levitating an unconscious teenage girl. Draco swallows hard.
“For your test…you will use an Unforgivable on the person you hold dearest.” Voldemort’s quiet, cold voice rings loudly in the silence. The Death Eaters cast each other uneasy looks. Some of us remember having to do that same test. I had to do it to the only woman I probably ever loved—Gwen Moondancer. She was a pretty woman, with long, silver-blonde hair and blue eyes. She was the only one outside my friends who was kind to me, and who actually seemed to care about me. I had to use Avada Kedavra, because Voldemort said it was so. It wasn’t worth it, now that I think about it. It never should have occurred to me that it would be worth it. Not if I had to kill her.
Voldemort is speaking again. “The curse you will use will be…the Cruciatus.”
Draco’s eyes move from the girl to Voldemort and back, and he nods slowly. I can almost hear his heartbeat quickening. He draws his wand shakily, as Voldemort revives her. She stirs, opening deep brown eyes.
“Draco?” she asks, looking around, a little disoriented. “What’s going—?”
I could swear I heard him whisper, “I’m sorry” before he yells, in a stronger voice, “Crucio!” She screams, and keeps screaming for about five minutes before Draco cuts it off. She faints with relief, and a few Death Eaters dig around in their ears, speculating on whether or not she woke the Muggles up. The Dark Lord nods, and performs the Oblivious Charm on the girl. Draco sinks to his knees, ashen-grey and sweaty.
“Rest assured, she won’t remember it.” Voldemort sounds almost kind. “He is ready. Prepare the brand.”
A white-hot rod with the Dark Mark on the end is slowly passed to Voldemort. Draco offers up his left forearm, trembling. He screams as the metal touches his bare skin, and is cut off as he masters himself and bites his lip. There is a steady stream of blood coming from his lip by the time the brand is taken away. Voldemort then presses his wand to the fresh burn, giving it color and magic and binding Draco to the service of a Death Eater—now and forever.



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