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Re: True Courage: A Peter Pettigrew Tale

thankies for all the owls!! i should have a feedback thread link sometime soon, but until i figure out how to do that....(if it's really simple don't be angry with me)
well, chapter two is done! i hope you will like it!

Chapter Two

“What have you done, Peter?” Sirius yells. I never thought I would be on the receiving end of his wand. I turn haunted and tortured eyes to him. Lily and James have been dead nearly a week, Harry has disappeared, the Dark Lord…my master…vanquished. He said that they wouldn’t be harmed when I let him burn the Mark into my arm. He swore on it. He lied, I tell myself for the thousandth time. I have tried to drown the truth in the depths of a bottle, but no matter how hard I try, the fact that it’s my fault the Potters are dead never goes away.
“I am so sorry.” I murmur, too quiet for Sirius to hear. I erect my head. “What have you done, Sirius?” I yell back. “You were the one to betray Lily and James! I heard you with my own two ears!”
I see the shock and hurt in Sirius’ eyes as I point my wand behind me and utter a curse, in the process cutting off my finger and transforming. I escape down into the sewers, hating myself for what I had done. Sirius’ laughter reaches my sensitive ears, only this time, it sounds more…maniacal, insane. Cursing myself with all the bad luck possible, I keep running, swearing to myself to never go back. I brought this upon myself—I never should have taken the Mark.
But Remus and Sirius would have died if I hadn’t! a small voice whispers.
But James and Lily had because I did, and possibly Harry, I reply. How can I forgive myself for that?
How indeed?
I travel until I find myself standing before a crooked house, held up by magic and plaster. A small, chubby, red-headed baby runs out of the front door, laughing and screaming and babbling in his baby-talk, chased by two other children, also with red hair, both identical. A pregnant woman follows. I recognize her as Molly Weasley—she and Arthur had married quite a few years before—their oldest was already school age.
I could hide here…and still be caught up with all of the magical news, especially the news from the Order. I wander up to the house, slipping inside just in time—only to be picked up by yet another red-headed child. This one has glasses, just like Arthur, and is as stocky as his mother. He grins when he sees me, and runs outside.
“Mummy! Mummy! Oh, Mummy, can I keep him, please?” he asks Molly, waving me before her eyes. I have to say, his squeezing annoys me, as well as constricts my breathing. I squeak, to let him know.
“Percy, dearest, why don’t you put that thing in the garden and leave it alone?” Molly makes a too easily read expression. Mothers and rats don’t exactly get along, do they?
“But Mummy, I want him!” Percy sniffs. All of a sudden his expression changes. He smiles.
“But, Mummy, don’t you owe me for me bringing you breakfast in bed?” he says, with all the signs of a child thinking he had outsmarted a grown-up. Molly sighs.
“Yes, Perce, but does it have to be a rat? I mean, his front paw is missing, he has nasty scabs all over him….”
To ensure my position, I look as pitiful as possible.
Percy scrunches up his face, preparing to throw a tantrum. Molly, foreseeing danger, prepares an argument.
“Percy, we don’t have room for a rat, and it would just die in a few months. It looks very old—rats don’t live for very long. Besides, what would you do with a rat?”
“Play with him and keep him clean and nice and warm and call him Scabbers.” Percy replies. “Oh, please, Mummy, I promise I’ll just keep him in my room and he won’t escape and I’ll feed him myself, just please, please, please let me keep him!”
Molly sighs, then relents. “Alright, Percy. But if he escapes once, he’s going out onto the streets!”
Percy’s face lights up, and he whoops. Now all I have to do is to wait for the right moment to reveal myself.
Just when that is I don’t know. If Sirius ever gets out of Azkaban, he’ll be after my blood, no questions asked. Remus doesn’t know…Sirius was the only one to figure it out. If Harry is alive…I can only hope to the gods that he won’t judge me too harshly for what I did to him.

this is a little shorter than some of my other chapters will be, just so y'all know.


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