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Re: Do Quidditch through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts have a chance to become movies

Originally Posted by HMN View Post
Just when we thought it was over! Very exciting. I just heard the news and knew someone over here would be posting about it already.

Of course I'd prefer a new book series, but I guess I'll take what I can get. 70 years earlier brings us to the 1940's if I'm doing my math right. Which means during WWII and during Grindlewald's rise to power. Taking place in NY of course is very exciting, but also interesting because the US didn't become involved in the war until 1941. This gives her a lot of leeway to use political and international relations issues in her storytelling. I would have never imagined this, but I have full faith in JKR for this to be a success.

And more wizarding world internationally. The culture differences opens up a world of possibilities.
I don't think it will be taking place in the 1940's though. The movie is suppose to take place 70 years before the first Harry Potter book takes place in 1991, so the roaring twenties in New York seems to be the possible setting (if I'm doing my math right)!

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