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Re: Which film drives you mad when reading the book?

My favorite book is POA. It's amazing. That's all there is to it.
The movie on the other hand, well that was a steaming pile of ****. After reading the book I was so excited to see the movie to get a visual on my favorite character, Lupin. Of course I was extremely dissapointed with the outcome of that (to say the very least). Then the whole meet-up between Sirius and Lupin was not near as good as it was in the book. And dont even get me started on the ending!!! Ugh, the whole thing was just a major dissapointment. When the movie ended I was so angry. I remember going, "What!? NO!!!!". I was mad for days.

I know I probably just restated things that many people have already said, but I just had to voice my disgust for the POA movie.

Jessie K.
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