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Re: The Hunger Games

Originally Posted by ActingDude17 View Post
Stephenie Meyer recommends it? I have my doubts based on that. I'm not trying to sound like a prude or anything but I've also yet to receive a male recommendation of the series.
I was very surprised that SM recommended it - but then I realized that they picked her for a quote only because of her popularity (even though it had the opposite effect for me). I learned about the books from the Hogs Head podcast. Travis Prinze - the host, who is well read in Potter, LotR, Narnia books and Wrinkle in Time - raved about it and that is what sent me to the bookstore. I think you can pick up on the love story and focus on that, or you can enjoy the dystopian society aspect of it as well as the survival skills and mind games.

I was very surprised at how much I loved both books, and how quickly I wanted to re-read them.

Originally Posted by GrangerHermione View Post
Hmmm, idk, some people might read THG and come straight here because they liked it so much before they read CF. So I think if we decide to post openly, we should at least edit the first post and put a spoiler warning, if there isn't one there already. I do want to start posting openly, though; putting spoiler tags in is getting annoying.
Good point - since the books are still catching on, we should keep the thread going with spoiler tags. On the social group I have in the description that it is a spoiler filled place to chat, so we can squee and discuss freely in there.

is totally awesome!

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