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Re: Fred & George Weasley: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by hermy_weasley2 View Post
Welcome to the post-DH discussion of the Weasley twins. Previous discussion without spoilers can be found here: Fred & George Weasley: Character Analysis

1. How do you think Fred and George reacted to the consequences of Draco's use of their Peruvian Darkness Powder in HBP?
Probably horrified.

2. Fred and George played some rather cruel jokes earlier in the series, do you feel that they have matured since then? Do you believe they regret some of their earlier actions?
Yes. I don't think they ever meant to be mean. I just think they took their humor to far sometimes. The older they got I think the more aware of the world around them, and peoples feeling in it.

3. What do you think of the twins reaction to Percy's return in DH?
Some resentment, but in the end I think they where glad to get their brother back. I would be surprised however if George didn't harbor at least some "it should have been you" feeling toward Percy in the immediate years after Fred's death.

4. What do you think of the twins decision to join the Order and the fight at Hogwarts? Did they consider the consequences of their actions or were they acting rashly? Do you think George's loss of an ear made them understand the danger more than they did before?
I think it helped them realize they where not invisable even though they where young. It probably hammered home how important they where to each other as well.

5. How do you think George will cope with the loss of Fred? Will he continue the joke shop without his twin?

Honestly it would not have shocked me if George gave up the will to live. And that is why he is absent from the epilouge.

Fred was his other half and I don't think he will ever be the same. I think a lot of joy was lost to him forever. I think he probably sold the shop, though I can also see him maintaining it because he would want Fred's legiacy to carry on. Either way George has/had many years of healing infront of him.


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