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Re: Newt Scamander Film Casting, Cast and Cameos

Originally Posted by Wab View Post
I think the best course would be to steer clear of any casting associations as cameos can smack of desperation at times.
I agree. I think I would find it hard to take the story seriously if there were cameos from HP actors. There would be no reason for it other than fan-service, and yeah, IMO, that is desperation, if they want to draw in audiences by advertising that X, Y or Z from the HP films is doing a cameo.

Originally Posted by Horcri7 View Post
It'd be kind of hard to fit many old characters in these movies, simply because they're in New York. I could see a young Albus Dumbledore being in it--maybe before Newt leaves for America?
Possible. I think a character cameo can be done more credibly than an actor cameo. But the only characters who were alive and old enough in the 20s were Dumbledore and maybe Auntie Muriel.

The big questions is, who should play Newt?--seeing as he's the only character we actually know is in the movie.
He is, but we know next to nothing about him, except that he was in his 20s in the 20s, as you say. So appearance-wise, any actor who appears to be in his 20s could play him. That leaves casting wide open, IMO. Was he British or American? I thought I'd heard he was a Hufflepuff. :hmmm:


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