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Newt Scamander Film Casting, Cast and Cameos

Who are your picks? No script yet but based on the current crop I have some Ideas...

I have 4 Picks...

Of course Evanna... Cant be one without her... Either as a Cameo or a full role playing a Lovegood Ancestor, though if she plays an ancestor she has to play it less Luna and more like some else. Perhaps... She could be The "Hermione" on this one

Darren Criss, can't get Danny Radcliffe in... So why not get someone similar...

Then you need an authority figure... May I present Tom "Bane" Hardy in a beard!

Now you need a "Dumbledore" Who else But Ian Mckellen

For Cameos... I'll post mine later...


Who the Heck Recast?

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