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Re: Wonderbook Harry Potter Book of Spells Game

Originally Posted by Wab View Post
Exclusivity is a revenue-creating strategy for hardware manufacturers. If it were a third-party software developer, being cross-platform would be vital.

Sony also needs a reason for people to buy the peripherals necessary to play this game. Plus the PS3 is old technology (released in 2006) so this is likely a way to boost sales of the existing units before the next generation is released.
I understand that, but I think the model is outdated. If they cling that tightly to the old model, they will likely end up like the record companies, trying to hawk CDs. And I don't think this product is likely to provide a big sales boost for the technology - not now, in 2012. Are very many people really going to shell out a minimum of $250 on hardware just to be able to read new content by Rowling and wave a wand around? It's fine for Playstation owners, but imo it's not going to convert very many non-Playstation owners.

I think Sony can make a lot more money by creating a sister product for the tablet market (missing the specific game-controller features that would be peculiar to the Playstation) and thus diversify their game revenue model. That way, there would still be an element of exclusivity to the Playstation, but Sony would also have an eye on the future.


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