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Re: The next Harry Potter Remake

Yeah, I did.

I added instead of cutting (though I did rework a few things) and I will, a some point go back and cut.

Should I emphisise again this is a VERY, VERY, VERY early draft

Originally Posted by CleanSweepSeven View Post
I really liked how you did a zoom out from Vernon's extremely boring tie.

There was a mistake, though. The book said "Dudley learned a new word, 'shan't". I assume this means it was not his first word.

Also, you repeated the sentence "About why he's disappeared?" (McGonagall to Dumbledore)
I liked the tie thing too, my brain amazes me.

Yeah, I thought it would be cooler if Shan't would be Dudley's first word. I also didn't want to make to have him say it while Vernon was at work (as in the book), so added it into the Vernon pecked Petunia on the cheek; Dudley was throwing cereal' scene.

You'll also find that the last scene posted is a mix of references in the book. In the book, that scene is just Dudley telling Harry about the toilets.

And, whoops Sorry!

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