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Re: How do you want your Book Cover to Look Like?

This is a fun thread!
I haven't really given any thought about the cover of my book (is it true that authors can't pick their own covers?). But now that I think about it, I do have some book cover ideas:
An island in the mist
A book lying near a gravestone
A silhouette of a boy walking into a palace
I don't really know the whole process that goes with getting the right cover and those kind of sound like lame covers for my story but I'm not really good at this thing!
Also, I would much prefer my cover to be painted rather than a photo (sort of like how the HP covers are painted but not actually like them, if you know what I mean). And I wouldn't want any people/faces on my cover because I want the reader to imagine the characters. As a reader, I find I prefer that

Oooh, I always forget how talented those DeviantArt artists are! Thanks for recommending them Desraelda

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