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Re: Jodi Picoult

Originally Posted by SopophorousBean View Post
Spoiler: show
I found the ending really jarring as well, I mean it took me by surprise, definitely didn't see it coming but was it really necessary? I think it had the problem of making most of the story and everything they fought for seem kind of irrelevant too if that makes sense. But it is one of my favourites of hers because the rest of the book is brilliant, and I think it's a good sign that I found the ending as upsetting as I did because it meant I'd come to care about Willow strongly.
Spoiler: show
I suppose there is that - it does mean that I had come to care about Willow. But I think it cheapens a story to put in an unhappy ending, or a twist like that, seemingly just for the sake of it. I thought the ending to My Sister's Keeper, while also really sad, it felt fitting, and there was some conclusion afterwards - we learned how the family dealt with the aftermath.

I read Sing You Home recently and absolutely loved it! Think it's become one of my favourites of hers I loved the relationship between the two characters, and I loved the inclusion of music therapy and finding out more about that. The soundtrack really fitted with the book as well and added to the experience, I thought that was a brilliant move
She does seem to do that with her books - something thematic at the beginning of each section, like the recipes in Handle with Care.

I think multiple perspectives is a good choice for the type of story Picoult writes.


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