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Re: Jodi Picoult

Originally Posted by bellatrix93 View Post
Okay, so I started reading My Sister's Keeper a few days ago. I have to say that I like the story and the events. But I don't like how it switches so quickly from one PoV to another. Also it switches between scenes in the past and the present that you don't even understand whether it happened long ago or is happening now. I find it very confusing, to be honest.

I'm now about sixty pages in and nothing happened so far except that the young girl went to the lawyer and her parents found out what she'd done. I think its a bit slow. It failed to hook me so far. .
I'm not too fond myself of author's switching view points like that. I tend to stay away from them; Picoult however, did a pretty good job with My Siter's Keeper. I didn;t really mind it as much.

Originally Posted by Hysteria View Post
Most (if not all, from memory) of her books switch times and POVs. It's a technique that takes a little getting used to, but I for one really enjoy how Picoult does it. I don't like amny books that go from a-b, I like to be taken for a bit of a ride.
Hmm...not too sure if I'd go for another of her works if they're like this.


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