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Re: Half-Blood Prince Movie Reviews v.2

Originally Posted by Perlidia View Post
Everything Draco did made no sense without a battle!
If you are going to deviate from the book and make a standalone movie fine!
Just make it make sense!
Except it made perfect sense. Have you read the book?

The point of the vanishing cabinet was to both get inside Hogwarts, and to get in undercover without resistance until they got the deed done. Dumbledore knows that once Snape kills him, Snape will become the leader of the pack. Why have the Order members protect the school while he's away for a few hours when they're lives will be put in danger as well as Snape's (who is innocent)? He knows Snape well enough to know he wouldn't betray the students and teachers that soon, that's why in the film you see him marching out of there as fast as possible (which is really iconic). It's not like he doesn't meet opposition on the way out, either.

Originally Posted by Myrmedus View Post
or me that still doesn't allieviate the fact that there's ONE Auror seen guarding Hogwarts as the quantity should at least be adequate even if the competence is wanting.
There was an auror guarding that door, not the entire castle. The scene during the opening feast was the only time where we saw many aurors at once, and it made sense, because it was the beginning of the school year and things weren't under control yet.

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