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Re: Half-Blood Prince Movie Reviews v.2

Originally Posted by Perlidia View Post
Everything Draco did made no sense without a battle!
If you are going to deviate from the book and make a standalone movie fine!
Just make it make sense!

By having no battle, or at least no hints of any battle, you suggest that Hogwarts isn't appropriately guarded. If it's not appropriately guarded then why are 4+ Death Eaters required + Snape?

Surely Draco and Snape alone could have killed DD without the need for the DEs to infiltrate? The potential argument here would be to validate Snape's loyalty but even then you'd only need Bellatrix, for example, to infiltrate the school.

It trivialises the entire invasion 'party' to not have a battle of sorts, and by extension the entire trial that Draco is going through throughout the movie.

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