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Re: Questions about the Harry Potter Movies v.2

Originally Posted by WeebleSue View Post
Something I just realized this past weekend, watching the series on ABCFamily.

When Harry, Hermione, and Ron take the PJ potion, they still sound like themselves. Not only in CoS but also in DH1. It's a big plot point that they have to try to sound like the people they are impersonating. This is also true when the decoys take the potion at the beginning of DH1. So it's not that the potion affects underage people one way and adults another.
It was done that way in the movie so that the audience would remember that even though the people on screen didn't look like Harry/Hermione/Ron that they were Harry/Hermione/Ron in different bodies. Yes, it was necessary as some people are pretty thick and if they haven't read the books or weren't paying attention they might get confused. To me, the voices were changed purely for the sake of the audience and in the "movie world" the polyjuiced people would sound like who they were meant to sound like to the people they conversed with. The reason I think this is because Crabbe and Goyle were meant to be Draco's best friends/cronies. Draco knew what Crabbe's and Goyle's voices sounded like and if they suddenly showed up sounding completely different and, oddly, just like his two worst enemies, Ron and Harry, it would immediately set off alarm bells for Draco. So, IMO in the world of the COS film, PolyjuiceCrabbe (Ron) and PolyjuiceGoyle (Harry) would sound like RegularCrabbe and RegularGoyle but for clarity their voices were dubbed over so the audience would be able to keep straight who was who and what was going on.

But during GoF, when Barty Crouch Jr is impersonating Mad Eye Moody via PJ potion, he sounds exactly like Mad Eye Moody. I don't recall if we ever find out exactly when BC Jr takes over MadEye, but the transition is seamless.

Why doesn't BC Jr sound like BC Jr? We hear enough of him in other places to know what he sounds like. And it isn't like MadEye.
Polyjuice does transform the drinker in their (physical) entirety into the person they are meant to be impersonating and because of that Barty Jr.'s voice box would physically undergo changes so that his voice would sound like Moody's whether he wanted to sound like him or not.

Again, as I said above, I think when it was known to the general audience that a person had taken polyjuice in the films their voice was "kept" to remind the audience of who "the person inside" actually was but that they would actually sound like the person they looked like to every other character in the film. We, the audience, didn't know until the end of the film/book that GOFMoody was not the real Moody but Barty Jr. taking polyjuice so his voice was not dubbed over with Barty Jr.'s voice to add to the suspense of the film. If PolyjuiceMoody's voice had been dubbed over with Barty Jr.'s voice the audience would have cottoned on to who Moody really was once we saw the Wizengamot scene where Barty Jr. was sentences and the suspense in the story would be blown way before it was meant to be.

Now some might claim that he has learned how to impersonate MadEye's voice, but that is a very difficult thing to do 24/7. And when he meets up with his father after the water event, it's not the voice that gives him away.
I thougtht that tongue flicking thing was really stupid, especially since we only see it twice: the first in the Wizengamot scene where Barty Jr. does it, the second when PolyjuiceMoody does it and gives himself away. I thought the tongue flick needed to be established way ahead of that so that the audience buys into the fact that it's an eccentricity of Moody and not just the thing that gives away that he's not the real Moody.

Originally Posted by BublGumPnkHar View Post
Same thing with the animagus form you don't lose your clothes and you don't need a wand (in the book). More movie corruption and not consistent here either. (In PoA) The first scene Peter's a rat - he transforms into Peter (wearing clothes) then using a wand [he doesn't need] he transforms back into a rat and leaves his clothes behind. In the book the wand is used to knock out the threatening people not to transform.
I figured with the whole wand thing that Peter used the wand to assist in his transformation because he wasn't very good at doing the transformation wandlessly. I figured that you began learning the animagus transformation using a wand and once that ability was established you began learning to do it without the wand. Well, technically you'd still probably have the wand on you since you wouldn't want to transform into your animagus state, travel somewhere as an animal and then transform back into your human state and find yourself wandless or have to return to where you transformed to retrieve your wand.

And I figured that the clothed or not-clothed issue was just dealt with magically. If you were wearing cloths during your transformation then your cloths tranformed, too. Just like how you'd keep your wand on you while you were transformed. In other words, I don't think it was like Twilight where the werewolves had to tie their cloths to their leg as they were in their wolf forms - Rita would never be able to pull that off, she transforms into a beetle and carrying a wad of cloths on her that's twenty times bigger than her animagus form is unrealistic. If we're talking realistic, here

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