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Re: Community

Funnily enough, I started watching this show after I transferred from a community college. I'm only part-way through season 2, but here are some thoughts anyway.

What I like most about it is that it's funny yet also somehow is able to make these characters very endearing as well. You come to like them a lot, even when they're being completely crazy. Like most everyone else, Abed is probably my favorite character. I think he's part of this recent trend of characters that place somewhere on the Autism Spectrum.

It was kind of weird seeing how the school in the show worked. My community college was almost nothing like Greendale (which seems to behave like a high school ), so it wasn't so much a nostalgic experience for me as it was about that point in life where you have no idea what you want, where you're going, or why you're going there. I think it portrays this confusion quite well.

I have minor nitpicks, but I think they're likely to be resolved in later episodes.

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