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Re: Have any ideas for stories?

Originally Posted by blackrose13 View Post
I absolutly love writing and spend most of time doing it, but for quite a few now I've been suffering from intense writers block....if you have any ideas for me please let me know. Thanks!
Here are some things I might do. Give them a shot if you'd like:

Read some Shakespeare. This way, I can take some of those age-old stories and let my creativity shine through creating a completely new story revolving around similar themes.

In improv classes, I like to have actors begin in the middle of a scene, rather than waste time with the introductions. Start with a character asking a question or stating a strong point of view.

Also, an exercise called growing and stretching. If you've already begun a story, read it to another person. Have them pick a gesture for "go on with the story" and a gesture for "elaborate on that, give me more details." Then you can have a sense of where your listener/reader wants you to give more plot, or add on with more details. You'd be surprised how much detail you might be leaving out that could lead you further in your story!

You know, I sometimes think we sort too soon.

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