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Re: Gay Marriage

Judge Walker's own sexual preference and well-known activism is what made his decision biased.
False. This is a smear.

Again, I ask, what's the point of voting if it is so easily overturned?
Because voting for other people's equal rights to be denied is unconstitutional.

And "separation of church and state" is something often thrown around, and seldom understood--It wasn't instituted to keep religion out of government, it was instituted to keep government out of religion.
False. The "No Religious Test" clause is further proof that the seperation of church and state is also designed to keep religious doctrine out of government.

You can't take religion out of this country, because it was founded on religious principles.
False. It was founded on Enlightenment principles.

And of course you must realize, even if it's not your thing, that there are a great many who want to get married to someone of the same sex in a church.
This is a seperate issue entirely.

Still think schools aren't being required to teach homosexuality and gay marriage with zero regard for parental rights? See here, here, here, here, here, here... Need I go on?
The FOX link was about anti-bullying campaigns. The second link related to Britain, and the other links aren't worthy of a response.

As for churches required to perform gay marriages, that's on the horizon too, not to mention calls for churches to lose their tax-exempt status if they do not conform to social whims and trends. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. So, not, y'know, "false."
It would be a good iceberg then. Bigotry concealed in religion should not be given special status.

I make one statement of opinion and I'm picked apart and called a bigot. Nice to see things haven't changed around here. I'm sorry to have dared challenge popular opinion (at least, that which is popular in this forum--The majority of the American public tends to feel otherwise).
[staff edit]That should rightly never change here. The "appeal to popularity" fallacy does not help your arguments.

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