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Re: Gay Marriage

Originally Posted by agpotter View Post
Judge Walker's own sexual preference and well-known activism is what made his decision biased.
Yoana pretty much sums this up: "And if a straight judge overrules gay marriage, would you say s/he's biased, too?"

Again, I ask, what's the point of voting if it is so easily overturned?
Again, I ask, can we deny a minority rights based on majority opinion? Imagine if your own rights were put to a vote.

And "separation of church and state" is something often thrown around, and seldom understood--It wasn't instituted to keep religion out of government, it was instituted to keep government out of religion.
Wow, I think you proved it's seldom understood with the latter half of that sentence.

Religion has no place in our laws. People are welcome to be religious and to have religious ideals, and religion is even welcome as a moral base, but it's not meant to legislate everyone. There's more than one religion in the United States not to mention the atheists. Last I checked, we don't live in a theocracy.

And of course you must realize, even if it's not your thing, that there are a great many who want to get married to someone of the same sex in a church.
Oh I agree. There are plenty of gay people who are religious, and believe it or not, there are plenty of religions out there that are willing to marry gay people if only the state would let them. If you want to argue that marriage is a religious-only institution, please sacrifice your state-given rights. Then also recognize there are churches out there that have different doctrine than yours. Would you like another church to tell your church what it can and can't do?

There are no right being denied regarding marriage. Obtaining a marriage license and getting married is not a right, it's a privilege, one for which you must meet certain requirements to qualify (such as age and gender), not unlike being able to qualify for a driver's license.
Wow, I didn't know gay people weren't allowed to drive. I'd better sacrifice my permit to the DMV. If it were such a privilege, how come people are allowed to marry, divorce and remarry willy nilly? If you give two adults the right to state benefits, you should give any two adults the same right to state benefits. The idea that marriage is a privilege is laughable.

Still think schools aren't being required to teach homosexuality and gay marriage with zero regard for parental rights? ... And this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Gay people are everywhere and we're not just going to go away. The education is there to help children understand that there are all kinds of families and to discourage kids from making fun of and bullying gay children and the children of gay parents.

I'm sorry to have dared challenge popular opinion (at least, that which is popular in this forum--The majority of the American public tends to feel otherwise).
The majority of Americans thought interracial marriages should be illegal before the Supreme Court ruled any state bans on interracial marriages unconstitutional in 1967. And even well after that decision, the majority thought they should be illegal. Do you care to dare that unpopular opinion?

I make one statement of opinion and I'm picked apart and called a bigot. Nice to see things haven't changed around here.
Actually, things have changed around here and in the United States. You might be surprised to know that people are quickly coming to the realisation that refusing rights to gay people is immoral. According to an AP poll, last year 46 percent of Americans believed gay people should have the right to marry but this year, that number has increased to 52 percent. I have no doubt in my mind that as more and more people actually get to know the gay people around them, they'll find that we're just your average person looking for the same things out of life that you are: life, liberty, love, security, happiness, etc.


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