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Re: Half-Blood Prince Movie Reviews v.2

I agree with you to a degree Hermaryne. The set was definitely a little too Fortress of Solitude-ish, and the clam thing just looked absurd. Personally I was imagining something a lot more claustrophobic, with Harry and Dumbledore literally struggling not to disturb the water, having to almost feel their way through the entrance before entering the larger chamber. It just seemed way too easy to get to the horcrux in the film. I don't think the idea of some crystalline elements was a bad idea, but I think they should have just had them around the island. It would have been cool if the horcrux had kind of twisted them as well, given them a more angular shape and maybe changed the colour. I imagined a cluster of stalactites clustered around the pedestal, with the outer ones brightly coloured and regular shaped, and the more central ones blackened and warped, looking as if they're reaching for the locket. Basically I think that if they wanted to use crystals in the set they should have done something more with them. It just didn't look right the way they did it.

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