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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.6

Originally Posted by ccollinsmith View Post
Lol I see what you did there with the emojis. 😂

Much as I appreciate Snape, though, I donít see him as innocent. In fact, I donít think he sees himself as innocent of Lilyís death. Itís his regret over his actions imo that leads him to agree to Dumbledoreís offer to protect the boy. Snape was so distraught that he wanted to die. Dumbledore gave him a way forward.

Iím not going to pretend that Snape was kind to Harry, but I do think he wanted to do something to redeem the horrible choices heíd made in his youth. In order to want to redeem them, though, he had to realize they were horrible choices. I personally doubt he would have agreed to take on Dumbledoreís task if heíd thought himself innocent.

I hope that makes sense. 😄
Yeah, I thought this was the whole point of his character His motivation is not that difficult to understand, IMO. However, I think that what The Green Woods was saying was rather if we as readers should consider him guilty or innocent of the Potters' deaths. To which I say that while he was definitely an accessory there, ultimately these deaths should be on Voldemort's conscience and his alone.

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