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Re: A Game of Thrones

This season's going at breakneck speed. I wouldn't mind a couple of extra episodes just to let the dialogue and action breathe a bit. As it is, I feel like the grand finale will feel a bit rushed, as if this season was a big scurry to get everyone in place before the curtain goes up. Ah, well. Each episode has been really engaging, to say the least, and the showrunners are doing a fantastic job of juggling the 10+ balls they have in the air. I'm glad they're giving Davos a couple of lines here and there to keep us laughing.

ETA (8/20/17): Well, that was 70 minutes spent
Spoiler: show
just to let the Night King get a dragon. Underwhelming episode that used a lot of stupidity and rashness to force a few plot points forward. I knew it was coming, given last episode, but I've enjoyed the season up until this point because folks finally seemed to be acting more or less rationally (relative to each character). Still a fun episode, but mostly just frustrating to watch.


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