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Re: Star Wars Episode 7 -- Coming 2015

Originally Posted by Rell View Post
The storylines had incredible potential - that's what George Lucas is amazing at! He comes up with brilliant big ideas. But the prequel series has some major flaws:
- cringe worthy dialogue
- special effects taking precedence over plot
- major characterization inconsistencies (Padme/Amidala in particular)
- over simplification of a story that could have been a lot more nuanced
Agree. The 1-3 arc had potential that wasn't realised and hamstrung by failures in execution not least the characterisation of Anakin and the calibre of the actors who played him.

Other things that stuck in my craw were the reprise of the cringeworthy investiture from Star Wars in Phantom Menace; flying R2; the improbable Padme/Anakin relationship; the incompetent and cowardly droid army (if I was a Separatist leader I'd want my money back); and a continuation of Lucas's amputation fetish.

That said there were some fantastic moments.

However, there is one thing that is not anyone's fault and can never be rectified. First generation fans were introduced to the films on the big screen and (mostly) in their teens and younger. Nothing an ever replicate the feeling of seeing the movie for the first time at a drive-in with light aircraft lights coming into land at the nearby airport during space battle.

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