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Re: Star Wars Episode 7 -- Coming 2015

Hmf...I was reading about this earlier.

The crazy thing is...I believe that many feel that giving the Star Wars license to Disney to make another movie is probably a good thing.

I know a lot of people want to see the Admiral Thrawn series on film without Lucas screwing it up.
The Clone Wars animated series proves there's plenty of room for new stories in the Star Wars universe.

And if they get rid of the whole midichlorian **** and go back to the Force being a spiritual thing, then Disney will have done the subgenre a service to most of its fanbase.

Although quite frankly they could stick mouse ears on Vader and it still won't be Lucas levels of suck.

And for the cynics...I believe that Marvel comic-books fans thought the sky was falling when Disney bought Marvel, and it's worked out good so far.

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