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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.6

Originally Posted by MerryLore View Post
So...Harry arrives at Hogwarts, and on the first day of class, Snape begins questioning him. Perhaps those Slytherin students were told by their "reformed" DE parents to get to know Harry and see if he would be a good rallying point, and Snape wanted to squash that as quickly as he could, for Harry's safety (plus Snape didn't know Harry yet - what if Harry was the type who would love the attention and want to be the new leader?) and because he didn't want another potential Dark Lord? And he wanted to highlight Neville's deficiencies as well, in case some of the students decided Voldy went after the wrong guy, when Neville was actually the one the prophecy referred to?

I got the impression that very few people knew about the prophecy, or at least what it said. Jo said on her site that the Lestranges didn't know about it, and I can't see Voldemort passing the contents of the prophecy round and not including Bella. At Hogwarts only Dumbledore knew what the prophecy said when Harry started school, so I don't think Snape would have considered that others might think Neville was the potential Dark Lord.

I think that DEs might have assumed Harry had some power that had defeated Voldemort and therefore would have liked that power on their side, thus considering him a 'rallying point' for them. And I do think Snape would have wanted to nip that in the bud by putting Harry down in the presence of the Slytherin students so that they reported to their parents that Harry Potter was nothing special.

So I think Snape had double reasons for his behaviour towards Harry at first: to stop any DE children from taking him up and because he was the living image of James who Snape had hated so much. The first I think may have been the reason Snape was giving to himself for his behavious towards Harry and the second was his emotional response which perhaps he didn't even recognise.

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