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Re: Severus Snape & The Green Man Motif

Lovely essay! I like how you note the phases of his transformation with parallels to nature. I especially see this in his death scene.

Originally Posted by Charlotte_Snape View Post
He also loses his wand when Dumbledore appears, just like he lost his wand to James in SWM. Perhaps this point is a little murkier than the other ones, but it does seem like some kind of foil to the situation in SWM. In his foolishness, he lost Lily, and now he's trying not to lose her again.
I wonder if the loss of a wand reflects a yielding of secrets (ex. prejudice in the one memory, love in the other). Losing the magic (control?) he relies on allows the serpent to escape from his mouth.

Originally Posted by TreacleTartlet View Post
A very interesting theory and not one I had considered before, as I always associated the Green Man figure with Hagrid, due to his appearance and association with the Forrest and creatures.
Not to mention his big shaggy beard!

I am incapable of hating someone who, instead of using a spell to guard the Sorcerer's Stone, uses a logic puzzle.
I'm sorry.

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