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Re: Severus Snape & The Green Man Motif

Just a few points in this dissertation I must needs quibble with:

1st, I'm having trouble linking the themes of rebirth and resurrection with the poisonous serpent, the skull, and the Death Eaters.

2nd, I think the memory from the windswept hill, when Snape begs Dumbledore to protect Lily, is mostly lacking in plant imagery. So I think maybe if Jo had intended to use The Green Man motif (of which I never heard before reading this thread's opening post, so admittedly I'm ignorant of the concept), she'd likely have thrown in as many references to plants, leaves etc. in there as she did in the first memory of Lily on the playground.

3rd, I don't think it was Snape passing on the memories to Harry that enabled Harry to be reborn/resurrected after Voldemort's AK knocked them both to King's Cross near the end of DH. My understanding of that was that it was based on three things: Voldemort's soul being already so fragile when he went to kill the Potters that a piece of it bounced of and clove to Harry; Lily's sacrifice of herself out of love for her baby, covering him with the blood protection that keeps Harry safe until he is of age; and Voldemort's arrogant insistence that it be Harry's blood that he use when he himself is reborn at the end of GoF. Snape had naught to do with any of these things, and given his conversation with Dumbledore as to why the boy must die, he didn't even seem to know about them, at least not about the first and last ones.

So, the way I see it, Snape passing on the memories is not what enabled Harry to survive the Killing Curse one more time. It was Snape passing on those memories that caused Harry to realize that he would have to sacrifice himself, allowing Voldemort to kill him, before Voldemort could be finished. And it was Harry's willingness to lay down his life in this way that enabled him to protect the other defenders of Hogwarts and to choose to return from King's Cross instead of, let's say, boarding a train and going on.

So I find your Green Man Motif very interesting, and it's a valid theory. But I don't think it's ironclad, and I certainly cannot see Severus Snape as any sort of minor nature deity. A great wizard he was, and a hero of the Voldy Wars. But not a nature god.

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