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Re: Severus Snape & The Green Man Motif

Originally Posted by Charlotte_Snape View Post
P.S. In the Potions Master comparison, I like that the snake's venom is associated with the chemicals of plants, because it directly links snakes to plants, and supports the Disgorging Head from SWM where his words are like poison to Lily. It goes on to say that the snake venom & plant chemicals "have the power to either heal or poison" -- just like words <3
On the subject of Potions Masters, venom, and words...

OotP'I wish to interrogate him!' repeated Umbridge angrily, and Snape looked away from Harry back into her furiously quivering face. 'I wish you to provide me with a potion that will force him to tell me the truth!'

'I have already told you,' said Snape smoothly, 'that I have no further stocks of Veritaserum. Unless you wish to poison Potter -and I assure you I would have the greatest sympathy with you if you did - I cannot help you. The only trouble is that most venoms act too fast to give the victim much time for truth-telling.'

Does it have anything to do with your Green Man observations? I could not say, but certainly it is one of those little things in the books that is too perfect to have happened by accident. I feel sure Rowling had decided on Snape's manner of death at the time she wrote the above lines.

Originally Posted by Charlotte_Snape View Post
Now, I read recently a quote from Jo about a link between CoS and HBP. I traced it back to a question she answered on her website:

So this would be the Horcrux Diary, but might the Green Man have something to do with it, as well?
Well, the thing she excised from CoS altogether was an old Potions book full of corrected recipes and clever, invented spells, which had been property of "The Half-Blood Prince". Does that fit in, somehow? Muffliato and Langlock affect functions of the face (speech, hearing). Or maybe, the spells get nastier over time, showing the transformation from the original leafy style, natural, innocent Snape, to the one that will be the DE?

The leaveless autumn night is to a skull, as the warm summer day is to a living head, and the "disgorging" is really his confession of love for Lily, in the form of a plea to Dumbledore. He also loses his wand when Dumbledore appears, just like he lost his wand to James in SWM.
Hmm, I kind of like it. The Green Man is a symbol of rebirth, and the changing seasons (in pagan myth). So the "Disgorging" one is born in a warm Spring day (school ends in early June, at Hogwarts) and dies on a leafless autumn or winter night, signifying that from this moment forward Snape is no longer a Death Eater?

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