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Re: A Game of Thrones

In all the excitement of a release date for ADWD, it seems like no one noticed that a new trailer was released for Game of Thrones today. This one was exclusively obtained by Entertainment Weekly and really is the best one yet. It is the first real trailer we have seen, with glimpses of many scenes and characters.

We get to see the Wall for the first time as well as a quick glimpse of the "White Walkers" aka The Others. Finally we see a little bit of Tyrion and the Stark kids in action! Also we got to see a little bit of the deviousness of Littlefinger.

Here's a link to EW's site with the trailer but be warned "The trailer, which you’ll only find here on EW, is slightly NSFW (sort of PG-13-ish … the show itself, btw, is very NSFW)."

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