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Re: The Stand

There is precious little blood and gore in the book.
I know, which is why I hope they don't change that. I'm afraid that, with people fascination with blood and gore, the film would focus to much on that part (no matter how small the part in the book is) and not on everything else.

Which, according to King, is the whole point of the book.
Mmmm... I should have made my point clearer, but I was at work so.. It's not so much the battle between good and evil I don't like. It's more the part where it gets "supernatural". If that's the right word. I understand that the "magic" has to be a part of the story because otherwise too many things would be unexplainable. I haven't read the book in a while but I am rereading it now and there's a good chance that part won't bother me as much as it did last time. We'll see..

To the story in print, yes. But a movie is a different medium. In film it would be dull. Do you really think that every conversation between Frannie and Amy Lauder as depicted in the book would add to a film?
Nooo.. gosh no. Not every conversation... I do mean the hospital scenes, the scenes between Fran and her mother, the insane soldiers in San Francisco part, things like that. Those are scenes that would work really well in a film because they are very visual. And they show really well how serious the situation is.


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