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Re: A Game of Thrones

Originally Posted by Lord Godric View Post
I know for certain characters (Jon, Robb, Dany, Gendry) the decided to raise the age of the characters a bit.
Still, Jon shouldn't look that much older than Robb. Robb was the eldest, wasn't he? Eddard showed up with Jon after Robb was born, I seem to recall.

From the clips I saw both Jaime and Cersei are blondes, but at least with Cersei the hair looked horribly fake. However, like I said before the content and acting matters much more to me than getting the appearance of characters perfect.
I was judging from the photos posted above, where they both look dark-haired. However, I agree with you that acting matters more. Though to me it's important somehow that Cersei should look beautiful. What the French call "la beauté du Diable", the beauty of the devil.

Erm, sorry for a silly question, but in what subforum is the original "Song of Fire and Ice" thread? I tried to look for it but couldn't find it.

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